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Hey Everyone! Today I'm sharing some pictures of a colourful fancy outfit purchased at Maasme

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Hey Everyone! Today I'm sharing some pictures of a colourful fancy outfit purchased at Maasmechelen Village. Every time I go to this luxury outlet village, I am completely blown away by the whole experience. It's like this little town gets bigger, better and brighter every time...

I think it's not a secret that one of my guilty pleasures is 'shopping'! :) And I love it even more when there is a chance to score bargains. Outlets like Maasmechelen Village are the perfect place for that. So last week I went there for a shopping spree. No need to tell you that I went locccoooo!

I love the selection of boutiques available in the village. I'm a huge fan of Sandro, Karen Millen, Essentiel, Levi's, Furla, SuperTrash, Ted Baker and so much more ... The crazy thing is that I always had to order Ted Baker online because they didn't have an own boutique in Belgium. So I was really delighted when I discovered the Ted Baker boutique at Maasmechelen Village.

If you are looking for little cocktail dresses, pastel shades, I urge you to pass by Karen Millen, Ted Baker and Liu.Jo. For beautiful accessories you can go to Furla. If you're looking for younger, tougher items and cool prints you need to visit Sandro, SuperTrash and Essentiel. I could buy the whole store :D Guarantee you'll love it!

Many people believe that outlets aren't as good as the basic shops but this opinion will totally change once you go there. Every little corner of the village is perfect! The wide streets are clean and cosy, the boutiques are so luxurious. You can enjoy an ice cream, coffee or tasty lunch between the shopping (Pasta? Burgers?!). There is a huge car park available in front of the village. Last but not least, the staff is oh so kind. I have actually never met so many friendly salespeople. No, seriously! :D

Back to the essential, I actually purchased a few items involving this amazing Essentiel dress, which I instantly fell in love with. My heart almost stopped beating when I came across this beauty! It's a real statement piece. I combined it with some strappy heels by Twin-Set Simona Barbieri and this cute little bag by Karen Millen. Result: One happy kid over here!

So, is it wrong that I am already planning my next visit? :)











More of Maasmechelen Village HERE.

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Reply Rosa on 08 June 2016:

I am completely loving this dress, it is so fun and glamorous.

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